Since 1991, Multimedia, Inc. has been helping clients get exclusive access to advertising placement and media space around the world. Today, we use that strong expertise, along with our background and relationships to continue getting our clients the best media placement possible.

We have strong experience working with a number of different international media outlets, based on years of industry knowledge developing relationships and buying placement in countries around the globe. This has led to our exclusive agreements with major publications throughout international countries.

We represent a number of consumer and trade magazines, such as Meio & Mensagem and Época, as well as world publications like Audi Magazine and the Philippine Daily Enquirer. In radio and television, we represent news networks such as CBN and cable networks like BandNews and BandSports. Along with these partnerships, we own rights to a number of other media placement opportunities, including exclusive representation for Indoormídia, a leading provider of airport media advertising in Brazil.

With these agreements, Multimedia, Inc. has become a primary resource for companies worldwide to build their brand and audience globally. We have exclusive deals for media placement all over, including the following locations:

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