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Band Sports


Soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball, extreme sports, motorsports, and fights: created to diversify the exposure of all sports on Pay TV. Bandsports brings national and international events, exclusive high quality programming and credibility to sports news.

Bandsports broadcasted with great success the Pan‐American Games 2007 and the 2006 World Cup, and the TVA subscribers, in São Paulo, were able to watch the games in high definition. In 2004, 200 professionals in Brazil and Greece covered the Athens Olympic Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Spectacular 2010 World Cup.

Our team includes Mauro Beting, Luciano do Valle, Elia Jr, Ivan Zimmerman, among others, who are respected in their field. The channel turned 5 years old in 2007, celebrating its anniversary with the exhibition of NFL, Indy Car Series, Nascar and many new features in the programming.

Bandsports is distributed by Sky, TVA, the association Neo TV and other independent operators reaching more than 6 million subscribers.


Male – 74.0%

Female – 26.0%


10‐19 – 22.0%

20‐29 – 19.0%

30‐39 – 16.0%

40‐49 - 15.0%

50+ - 28.0%


Upper – 29.0%

Upper Middle – 51.0%

Middle – 18.8%

Lower – 1.2%


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