Radio and TV

Radio – TV

Radio and television create two specific opportunities to grow branding with advertisements, one that can appeal aurally and another that can attract through both visual and audio. Each has been a common outlet for top advertising and will continue to be a prime way to target audiences on a wide scale for years to come.

Multimedia, Inc. has a strong background in media placement with both radio and television advertising. We use our large base of industry experience and long-standing relationships with a number of respected international broadcast networks to get you competitive, quality space on television and radio for your company.


Our exclusive relationships with radio broadcast companies allow us to get the most competitive space for agencies and direct accounts. We take advantage of these long-standing connections with outlets such as CBN and Globo, as well as others to give your business the opportunity to grow in international markets.


In television, Multimedia, Inc. uses its relationships to get your ads on as many screens as possible. Our exclusive ties with premium cable companies like BandNews and BandSports in Brazil, for example, allow for your ads to be aired on networks with constant streams of content in front of large audiences.

To see how Multimedia, Inc. can help your company get quality worldwide media placement, contact us today!